Dr. Don Dixon has an extensive history of directing social services programs and developing programming and policies in various locations throughout Florida. He has developed expertise in child welfare and mental health, and financing and revenue maximization strategies. He has served as an expert consultant in child welfare cases across the state and implemented a revenue maximization strategy in Tampa Florida that generated just over $11 million in five years from 2006 to 2011. He earned his BA degree at the University of Florida, Masters of Social Work degree at Florida State University and his doctorate in Social Work at the University of South Florida. He taught social welfare policy in the USF School of Social Work for fourteen years.

Dr. Dixon is currently the Divisional Director of Social Services with the Florida Division of The Salvation Army.

David Yarborough served with Lutheran Services Florida since March 2008 as Vice President of Operations as well as Vice President of Special Projects. David Yarbrough joined Pivot Education Inc. Governing Board as Board Chair after resigning from Lutheran in January 2015.

Yarborough brings more than 25 years of experience specializing in social ministry organizational management, non-profit healthcare organizational management, and non-profit healthcare organizations in leadership, team development, change management, operations, treatment program development and client staff relations.

Prior to joining Pivot Education Inc., Yarborough held a series of positions at Lutheran Social Services of the South in Austin, Texas, including Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President Disaster Response Programs, President Lutheran Affordable Housing Corporation, Senior Vice President Child and Family Services, and Vice President of Child and Family Services and Community Services for the Poor.

Yarborough holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Research from the University of Mississippi as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Mississippi College. He holds a Long Term Care Administrator’s License and a Childcare Administrator’s License as well as an Assisted Living Administrator Certificate. He is a member of the Trafficking Association and a board member of the Texas Alliance for Children and Families and the Association of Child Placement Agencies.

Pastor Jim Guelzow retired in May 2014 after 40 years of parish ministry. His wife of 43 years Lynn retired from the Hillsborough County School system May 2015. The Guelzows have lived in northwest Tampa since 1983. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Pastor Guelzow was on the LSF board for 9 years and continues to serve as President Walton’s representative.

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